Flush Mount

When you are short on space but want to make a big impression, you need flush mount lighting. These lights are intended to have a low profile even while they provide excellent light and a beautiful accent to any room. We offer a huge range of flush mounted lights, so you can pick the perfect style to match your very own personal interior design. Take your time browsing the carefully curated selection we provide here, and choose between a Tiffany peacock feather flush mount, rosebud, holly ball and so much more. You can even use different flush mounted lights in each room to create a unique tone for each space, distinguished by the beautiful glass light fixtures. Discover the perfect lighting solution for your home.

New lighting is an ideal way to update your home, whether it’s a new home or simply a decoration refresh. There’s no reason to be defeated by low ceilings; we carry the very best quality flush mount lighting for home owners that have classic taste but limited space. Decide between floral patterns, geometric colors, modern, vintage and more. When you shop at Brite Lighting ideas, the lighting in your home is limited only by your imagination. Find the lighting you need for every room in your house, whether you are searching for wall sconces, an island chandelier or an elegant floor lamp. Shop through our wonderfully unique novelty items for a new table lamp, like a fairy lamp with glass wings, an adorable glass turtle lamp and more.